Sin que nadie se diera cuenta se cortó la barriga. Cuando la llevaron años después al médico, su familia descubrió la realidad

Cuando Connie Inglis se miró al espejo a los 13 años, no le gustó lo que vio: pechos pequeños, michelines, celulitis y muslos que se rozaban.

Pero, sin duda, la parte que la hacía más infeliz era su barriga.

“Quería que fuera perfecta y plana, como la de las chicas a las que idolatraba. Sin embargo, nunca lo conseguía por mucho que lo intentara”.

Es entonces cuando comenzaron 10 años terribles para Connie, en los que la anorexia se adueñó completamente de la vida de esta chica de Leeds.

Little girl, Brace yourself honey because it's going to be a really hard few years. You're about to start a new school, it's big, it's scary and a lot of people will try to take away who you are. Hurt you with words. You will come home crying, you will try to hide from it and pretend it's not happening and you'll be so scared you won't be able to tell anyone. Later you will start to believe the things people say. They are not true my darling I promise you. But it will break you and you'll start punishing yourself for the things other people have said. You will go through some horrible mental illnesses and you'll feel all alone (but your not!) You'll have days where you can't take it anymore and you'll want to give it all up, some days you'll try. I'm so sorry you've got this ahead of you and I'm sorry I can't look after you but one day I promise things will get easier. After a long time and a lot of pain you'll meet a boy who will treat you like you deserve. He'll love you and take care of you while you fight away your demons. You'll discover a love for art and drawing it will save you on some of your darkest days. And finally you will learn to love yourself, you'll slowly understand that you have always been beautiful and the lies you were fed just became too deep. Your life is going to be hard but it's also going to be AMAZING! Even the worst times, the times of deepest pain, still have moments that are beautiful you just have to look for them! You'll figure it out and you'll grow into a woman who can take care of herself and give back to the world what she needed at the time. You are not to blame for the things that happen to you. You will never be to blame for others actions. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Keep going and have hope Lots of love, Connie xxx 💕 💕 I wish I could have said this to my 10 year old self. I wish I could go back and treat myself care, be kind to myself and not get annoyed when everything seemed to be going wrong. I can't but I can share it with you! So this is a message for anyone really struggling at the moment, have hope things will get better you just have to ride out the storm 💕 #positivebeatsperfect

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Connie hacía todo lo posible por no comer absolutamente nada y así entró en una espiral de autodestrucción. “Nadie sabía lo que me pasaba. Me escondía bajo ropas anchas y mantas. Me negaba a salir de casa y siempre me negaba a comer arguyendo que no me sentía bien”, explica la joven británica. Su familia no tenía ni idea de que Connie tenía anorexia sino hasta finales de 2015, cuando su cuerpo no pudo más. Hasta entonces solo la habían tratado por depresión.

Recovering from an eating disorder is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Anorexia has taken over so much of my life. I've been struggling with it for nearly 10 years. There is 8 years between these photos and in that time I have restored weight and relapsed countless times. I have tormented myself mentally and physically. I told myself I was useless, ugly, horrible and unworthy of a good life. I have hated my body. I've starved it, I've hurt it and I've left unmeasurable damage. But not anymore. I will not bully myself anymore. I do still get those urges. The urge to be thinner, to punish myself. But I know that if I give in I would lose so much more than weight. I would lose my friends, my boyfriend, my love of art and photography, my desire to be alive and most of all I would lose myself. But I have come so far in the time between these pictures. I have learnt so much about myself and I've grown into a woman I am proud to be. I have finally realised that I am worthy. It doesn't matter what I look like or what the number on the scale says. It only matters that I grab my life and I enjoy it. Have fun with my friends, love uni, love my boyfriend. BE HAPPY! 'Bullying takes many forms- sometimes you have to protect you from yourself. Love yourself. Your worth it!' ♥️♥️♥️ #edcommunity#eatingdisorder#anawho#fuckana#prorecovery#depressed#anxiety#edworrior#edarmy#edfamiliy#realrecovery#mentalillness#edfam#recoveryispossible#anorexianervosa#fuckanorexia#nourishtoflorish#nourishnotpunish#nourishyourbody#fighting#foodblogger#2fab4ana#bodypositive#transformationthursday#beautiful#pisitive#bodyposi#keepgoing#loveyourself

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Connie había estado fluctuando de peso constantemente y llegó a cortarse su propia barriga para intentar acabar con lo que ella creía que le sobraba. Pero a finales de 2015 fue cuando la cosa se puso realmente seria: “La anorexia se había apoderado de mi vida y solo quería morir”. Después de ingresar tres veces en el hospital, la gravedad de su situación hizo que decidieran ponerle una sonda nasogástrica para alimentarla. “Me obligaban a ver cómo mi peso iba subiendo semana tras semana y yo no podía hacer nada al respecto (aunque lo intenté). Odiaba a todo el mundo que me había llevado a esta situación”.

Agh! Scary post but this is me and my crazy insecurities! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻Releasing a bit of my inner crazy! 💕because sometimes that's just what you've got to do! This is my recovery tummy!! My not fully better but getting there tummy. My I'VE PUT ON WEIGHT AND THATS OK tummy. This is my tummy after all my food challenges today! This is how it moves and how it wobbles💁🏻 I'm ok with that! Not everybody is perfect! Not everyone has toned tummys or scar free skin! My body has been through a lot. I haven't always looked after it. It's been starved and hurt. I have loose skin. I have scars. I'm not fully recovered from my illnesses but I'm fighting like hell to get through them! And this is the body I am learning to accept as mine. I'm starting to take care of it and put it first. My anorexia hates my body and ALWAYS HAS!! No matter what weight I got down to or how ill I get, my body will never be good enough for ana! So it's finally gotten to the point where I'm not out to impress ana anymore, I'm trying to love myself for who I am! So…. This is me and this is my tummy! #edcommunity#eatingdisorder#anawho#fuckana#prorecovery#depressed#anxiety#bulimarecovery#edworrior#edarmy#edfamiliy#togetherwecan#realrecovery#mentalillness#edfam#recoveryispossible#anorexianervosa#fuckanorexia#nourishtoflorish#nourishnotpunish#nourishyourbody#fighting#strongnotskinny#thisorhospital#foodblogger#2fab4ana#bodypositive#selflove#recoverywin#tummy

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Pero lo que realmente salvó a Connie fue el apoyo de su familia y su novio: “en un momento le pregunté a mi novio si podía comer y él me dijo que es lo que debía hacer. Fue entonces cuando me di cuenta de que amaba más a mi familia que a mi desorden alimenticio. Y entonces comencé a luchar con todas mis fuerzas”.

Two Christmas', 2 years, worlds apart! This is just a little transformation to remind myself how far I've actually come in the last year! (Christmas is always hard but it was definitely miles better this year!) The picture on the left was taken of me and my boyfriend 2 weeks before I was Emergancy admitted to hospital on a tube. I was so cold that day, sat in my boyfriends arms by the fire shivering so badly I thought my teeth were going to crack. Trying to hide from everyone the fact that I was really struggling. Fake smiling and laughing even though I was so exhausted I hardly knew what was happening. All I ate all day was 2 slices of dry toast. For Christmas i mean god😳 I cried myself to sleep feeling so guilty for what I'd eaten. It was so horrible. I'm not saying by any means that you have to go through any of these things to be struggling. Your struggles are ALWAYS VALID! No matter what!!! I'm telling you this because even though this Christmas has been hard, I can't believe how far I've come in the last year! I've gone from crying over toast to eating enough for a family of 4!!!! Felling comfortable with my body and even when the thoughts came I knew I wouldn't do anything about them because I'm happy now and I know that all the promises my mental illnesses ever made me where so far from true! I am in control and a bit more food or a bit more weight will not change that!!!! And even though there were countless family arguments this year, for the first year in god knows how long they weren't about the amount I was or wasn't eating!!!! And for that I'm so happy. To anyone out there having a really hard time, maybe your family has just realised how ill you are because you said no too many times or took yourself to the bathroom straight after dinner or where the cause of arguments, I promise you it doesn't last forever!!! It may seem like it and we all get lost in where we are now! I NEVER thought I would escape but I did! So don't ever let anyone ever tell you you can't (even you!!!) I'm telling you that it is possible!!! And if you need me I'll be with you every step of the way!!! You got this! Believe in yourself and anything is possible 💕💕💕

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La recuperación de Connie estaba en marcha. Y gracias a su cuenta de Instagram y a un grupo de WhatsApp, Connie ha descubierto una nueva forma de superar su enfermedad a la vez que anima al resto del mundo a amar sus cuerpos. Mediante fotos, a menudo poco favorecedoras, Connie quiere que la gente se dé cuenta de lo verdaderamente importante de la vida.

Yay for unflattering angles!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 The picture on the left in my view of my body when I sit down. I know I'm not big but when I used to look down at myself all I used to see was imperfections. Small boobs, Belly folds, cellulite, little muffin top, thighs touching. But my least favourite part of me has always been my tummy. I wanted it to be perfect and flat. I wanted to look like the girls I used to idolise but it never happened no matter what I tried. I exercised, ate 'clean' did every fad diet you can think of. Got down to a very low weight but I still had my tummy! What I never realised was that even the women I looked up too still had 'imperfections'! 💕 💕 But here are some things I've learnt; •Women naturally have more body fat then men, evolutionarily preparing us to support life. (Not that you have to!!) •90% of women have cellulite! It's natural!!! •small boobs are beautiful too! (So are all boobs!!!!!) •a thigh gap is dependent on the size of your hips not your weight • your worth as a person is NOT determined by your weight! • tummies fold when you sit down. It doesn't matter what size you are!!! • so many people grow up hating their bodies because we're told we need to be fixed • this is a lie! Your body is not the problem! 💕 💕 And yeah I still look down at myself sometimes and can't stand it but when that happens I remember these things! 👆🏻👆🏻 and I #embracethesquish and love my natural body. Because the pursuit of a perfect body never made me happy. Accepting me for me did!!! So happy Saturday beautiful people and remember you are beautiful no matter what! 💕💕💕 #selflovebootcamp #cellulitesaturday #positivebeatsperfect

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En la foto que compartió de diciembre de 2015, en su momento más bajo, la chica está terriblemente delgada. ¡Es increíble ver lo que ha cambiado en un año! Pero Connie no quiere con ella dar pena ni dar a entender que su lucha es más importante que la de los demás. Solo quiere que otras personas que sufren por la misma razón encuentren la motivación para salir. “Aún tengo pensamientos negativos, pero soy lo suficientemente fuerte para resistirme. ¡Sigue adelante! ¡Puedes salir de este infierno y yo estaré a tu lado en cada paso que des! ¡Podemos hacerlo juntos!”

Ok so this post terrifies me but I've really been wondering how I made it out of this alive. Because really the odds where all against me. I've come so far in such a short time but I've still got a long way to go! The picture on the left was taken January this year. I was in a hospital bed, confined to a wheelchair, with a tube providing my nutrients and fluids. But I wasn't ok with this, I didn't believe I needed it. I was so ill but just couldn't see it. I would lock myself in the bathroom to exercise of get rid of the little nutrients I was getting. I would pull my tube out and sabotage my feed in any way I could. I would do ANYTHING to be smaller. This ended in a section and a long inpatient stay, I'd lost the will to live. I DON'T tell you about this to leave you shocked. And I definitely am not saying that you have to look like the picture on the left or go through ANY of these things for your struggles to be valid!!! You really don't! Your struggles are valid and important NO MATTER WHAT SIZE YOU ARE!!!! And no matter what your going through! Eating disorders are horrible and life destroying. But I'm telling you about my journey hoping you'll take away one thing, that if I can get from the fragile broken girl who had completely given up to the girl you see today tummy love embracing the squidge and learning to love myself…. ANYONE CAN DO IT!!! Including you!! You can get through this hell. You can embrace your body! You can take control of your life! And if you can't see that right now, I sure can! You can rise above this and tackle your demons and I'll be here every step of the way!!!! Keep going my darlings! We can do this💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 #positivebeatsperfect Thank you to my inspirations for helping me get this far! @selfloveclubb @selfloveliv @bodyposipanda @kellyufit @omgkenzieee @lovemymiddle @nourishandeat @mindsetforlifeltd @chooselifewarrior @goofy_ginger 💕💕💕

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Además, Connie ha comenzado una campaña en justgiving para ayudar a otras personas con problemas alimenticios. Su vida es ahora mucho mejor: estudia Arte en la universidad y ha conocido a gente maravillosa. “La anorexia es muy persistente: clava sus uñas muy profundas en ti. Pero yo he decidido que es hora de recuperarme y he decidido intentarlo con todas las fuerzas que tengo”. Le deseamos a Connie mucha suerte en su lucha y que siga tan feliz como la vemos en sus fotos de Instagram. Si crees que podrías tener algún problema alimenticio, no lo ocultes y busca ayuda. ¡Hay una salida para ti!

I've been scared to post this all day! I'm having really bad body image so I'm facing it head on! And I want you all to see that I am not perfect! This is me and this is my belly! I'm in recovery, nearly weight restored but not all the way to healthy just yet! Still got some more of me to come! This belly has been through hell and back… Again and again. It has been starved and empty and fed and bloated. I have stretch marks and loose skin from weight fluctuations. I have permanent lines where my stomach folds when I move. I have scars from the times I was at my lowest and tried to cut my tummy away. But this is me and this is the tummy I've got after a life time of self hatred and self abuse so I need to learn that this is my tummy and it's ok! It's ok to have scars and stretch marks! It's ok to have rolls in your tummy! And it's OK TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! You don't have to punish yourself forever for something you can't change! The body your in is yours and the flaws that it has are yours! BE PROUD OF THEM! Be happy that your still here! Be grateful that after everything you have but your body through, it's still looking out for you! LOVE YOURSELF💕 #edcommunity#eatingdisorder#anawho#fuckana#prorecovery#depressed#anxiety#bulimarecovery#edworrior#edarmy#edfamiliy#realrecovery#mentalillness#edfam#recoveryispossible#anorexianervosa#fuckanorexia#nourishtoflorish#nourishnotpunish#nourishyourbody#fighting#strongnotskinny#thisorhospital#foodblogger#2fab4ana#bodypositive#loveyourself#tummy#embraceyourflaws#imperfectionsandall

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